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Obesity surgery in the Philippines: Experience in a private tertiary care hospital for years 2002 to 2004 .


Luisito O. Llido,
Menandro Siozon,
Reynaldo Sinamban,
Hildegardes Dineros,
Romualdo Jr Cacas,
Antonio Eric Gregorio,
Exequiel Yumang

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Obesity Surgery
Publication Date
January 2007


BACKGROUND: Information on experience in bariatric surgery in the Asia-Pacific region is minimal: hence the need for more reports from this area.

METHODS: The procedures of bariatric surgery and outcome as part of a weight management program in a tertiary care private hospital in the Philippines is reported from years 2002 to 2004. 50 patients were included, of which 60 percent underwent laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) and 40 percent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGBP).

RESULTS: There were more females than males (64 percent vs 36 percent) with the mean age 38 +/- 13.1 years. Initial mean BMI was 46.2 kg/m(2), which decreased to 27.0 kg/m(2) in 1 year. Initial mean weight was 126.7 +/- 25.4 kg, of which the 1 year weight loss was 32.3 kg for the morbidly obese and 58.0 kg for the super obese. Percent EWL at 1 year was 30.2 percent. There was greater weight loss with RYGBP compared to LAGB at 1 year (43.5 kg vs 30.2 kg). There was no mortality, and early complications were: wound infection (2/50 or 4 percent), and 1/50 or 2 percent each for pneumonia, dehydration, gastritis, and leakage. Late complications were: band slippage (2/20 or 10 percent), stomal stenosis (1/20 or 5 percent), and ventral hernia (1/5 or 20 percent).

CONCLUSION: Bariatric surgery is safe with a low complication rate and the outcome was similar to the reported data from Asia and the western world. (Author)

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