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A cross-sectional analysis on the demographic factors, awareness and knowledge on the application of evidence-based practice among hospital-based physical therapists in Metro Cebu.


Beatrize Bernadette C. Binsol,
Page L. Gabuya,
Christian Kyle C. Guevarra,
Andre F. Guyot,
Frances Gale V. Reyes,
Marvin E. Tampus,
Silverlyn Marie C. Sabandal

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
May 2021


   The purpose of this study was to determine the awareness and knowledge on the application of EBP among hospital-based Physical Therapists in Metro Cebu across demographic factors through a quantitative descriptive cross-sectional survey design. This study involved a convenience sample of 36 hospital-based Physical Therapists who completed the online survey using Google Forms. The instrument used was the online 49-item Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Survey, composed of 14-items for the Awareness section and 35-items for the Knowledge section.

   Results showed that majority of the respondents only had a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy (BSPT) (34, 94.4%) and were working within 0-5 years (33, 91.7%), while a minority had a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy (DPT) (2, 5.6%), with 6-10 years of clinical experience (3, 8.3%). A large number of the respondents had low awareness on the application of EBP (20, 55.6%). A high proportion of respondents had low knowledge on the application of EBP (21, 58.3%). BSPT graduates had low awareness on the application of EBP (20,58.8%). In contrast to this, DPT graduates had high awareness on the application of EBP (2,100%). In terms of years of clinical experience, the majority of respondents with 0-5 years of clinical experience had low awareness on the application of EBP (20, 60.6%) while those that had 6-10 years of clinical experience had high awareness (3, 100%). Lastly, practitioners only having a BSPT degree had low knowledge (21, 61.8%) whereas DPT holders had high knowledge on EBP application (2, 100%). Respondents working within 0-5 years (19, 57.6%) and 6-10 years (2, 66.7%) had low knowledge on EBP application.

   In conclusion, both the awareness and the knowledge on the application of EBP among hospital-based physical therapists in Metro Cebu varied according to the highest level of education and years of clinical experience. The researchers recommend the following to increase EBP awareness and knowledge: A monthly EBP sharing; encourage PTs participation in EBP training programs; strict promotion and integration on EBP during treatments; and formulation of a yearly EBP training program. For future studies the researchers recommend that a similar study with greater number of respondents, conducted in other locales, exploring variables, and other demographic factors be performed.


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