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Self-Esteem and Distress Tolerance of Criminology Students of the University of Bohol.


Shirley Molina,
Mark Jay Celocia,
John Vincent Cuyacot,
Christian Dela Serna,
Jimbie Delos Santos,
Alchito Felicia,
Regina Mae Gatal

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Graduate School and Professional Studies - University of Bohol

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Publication Type
Publication Sub Type
Journal Article, Original
Academe University of Bohol Graduate School and Professional Studies Journal
Publication Date
March- 2017


Self-esteem refers to one's overall evaluation of oneself, while distress tolerance is the ability to withstand pressures and negative emotions. Both constructs have relationships on criminal behaviors based on various studies. The policing profession is one of the most stressful and risky jobs in the whole world, hence, this study aimed to determine the self-esteem level and degree of distress tolerance of Criminology students of the University of Bohol. The research used descriptive quantitative-research utilizing two standardized tools, namely, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and the Distress Tolerance Scale to determine the level of self-esteem of the respondents and to gauge the respondents' degree of tolerance or ability to withstand negative effects or other aversive psychological and or physical states. Purposive sampling was used to get a sample from the total population. The respondents possessed high self-esteem as evidently shown on their mean score of 2.8. As revealed in the data, all the four year levels obtained mean scores falling between the scales of 2.50-3.24 with an interpretation of high self-esteem.


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