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A cross-sectional analysis on the demographic factors, level of physical activity, and life satisfaction of selected amputees of Mandaue City.


Airah Mae D. Leonado,
Isis Joyce E. Peralta,
Roberto  B. Petere Jr.,
Tyler P. Rosell,
Iñaki Gregorio C. Yap,
Jan Ross Therese V. Sarmago

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
June 2020


   The study aimed to make a cross-sectional analysis of the demographic factors, level of physical activity, and life satisfaction of lower extremity amputees. To objectively measure the level of physical activity and life satisfaction, the study utilized the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (Bauman et al., 2009) and Satisfaction with Life Scale (Pavot & Diener, 2008). Currently, there is a lack of established literature regarding the lower extremity amputees that determines their demographic factors, level of physical activity and life satisfaction. A total of 30 registered lower extremity amputees participated in the study.

   The results showed that 18 (60%) of the lower extremity amputees belonged to the prime working age, 23 (76.7%) were males and 11 (36.7%) were categorized as long transfemoral amputees. The results of the level of physical activity indicated that 15 (50%) of the lower extremity amputees had a high level of physical activity. In life satisfaction among lower extremity amputees, 7 (23.3%) were satisfied or slightly satisfied with their life. In physical activity and life satisfaction according to age, results revealed that 11 (61.1%) lower extremity amputees in their prime working age, had a high level of physical activity and 6 (33.3%) were extremely satisfied with their life. In addition, there were 13 (56.5%) males who had a high level of physical activity and were satisfied with life. Among females, 2 (28.6%) were extremely satisfied. Lastly, according to level of lower extremity amputation, 6 (54.5%) long transfemoral amputees and 7 (77.8%) standard transtibial amputees had high levels of physical activity and 4 (36.4%) of the long transfemoral amputees were slightly satisfied with life.

   The study concluded that both level of physical activity and life satisfaction of lower extremity amputees varied according to the demographic factors. The researchers recommended the development and implementation of a Physical Activity Empowerment Program and Coping Strategies Program for the lower extremity amputees as a means of improving and maintaining levels of physical activity and life satisfaction.


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