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Body mass index, physical activity, heel heights and its duration of wear as predictors to low back pain disability among selected female nursing students in Cebu Doctors' University.


Neal Kendrick Y. Advincula,
Zee Ann C. Amacna,
Miya Grace A. Baguio,
Iris Angelica L. Bendebel,
Frances Anne C. Borbon,
Maria Angela B. Dagami,
Marizzah C. Sumarago

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
October 2019


   This study aimed to determine the body mass index (BMI), physical activity, heel heights, and duration of wear as predictors of low back pain disability among female Nursing students of Cebu Doctors' University. The study utilized a descriptive survey predictive research design and was conducted in Cebu Doctors' University. The respondents were 161 female Nursing students of Cebu Doctors' University. Three (3) questionnaires were used in this study: The International Physical Activity Questionnaireshort form which evaluated physical activity in three (3) categories: low, moderate, and high. The Oswestry Disability Index was utilized to evaluate the rates of physical disabilities of daily living due to low back pain. The third tool was a researcher-made questionnaire which was used to determine the respondents' age, year level, duration of wearing heels, body mass index, and heel height.

   Results were analysed through multiple regression analysis and processed using IBM SPSS Version 22. It showed that most of the respondents has normal BMI (39, 24.2%), high physical activity (134, 83.2%), more than 11 hours of wear (94, 58.4%) and low to moderate heel height (80, 49.7%). Despite determining its relationship and correlation as predictors using Pearson r and p-value, data showed that body mass index (r=-.031, p=.350), physical activity (r=.004, p= .481), heel heights (r=-.002, p=.490), and its duration of wearing heels (r=.023, p=.388) were not correlated with the degree of low back pain disability among female nursing students F(4, 156) = .069, p = .991.

   Based on the outcome results of this study, body mass index, physical activity, heel heights, and duration of wearing heels were not predictors to low back pain disability among selected female nursing students of Cebu Doctors' University. The researchers would like to recommend a pamphlet distribution to the female nursing students about maintaining within the ranges of each predictor per respondent despite the negative correlation. The researchers would also inform them about different risks that can affect their low back pain disability in line to their school work. For future studies, psychosocial factor and postural risk level should be assessed to determine its low back pain disability prevalence. The future researchers should be able to know other musculoskeletal conditions that may have compensated towards low back pain disability. As the study had numerous limitations, these recommendations could benefit for future investigation and resolve musculoskeletal problems that female nursing students may be facing as well as other population across the globe.


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