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The effect of alkaline water on Coca-Cola induced salivary pH.


Althea Lois M. Alvarado,
Ross Angelie C. Bacus,
Princess Dyanne A. Castellano,
Michael Vincent A. Gasapo,
John Paul  C. Mira,
Kristiani Anghelica F. Monserate,
Maria Isabel B. Peralta,
Keena Lorielle R. Sartorio,
Merjerie F. Sorongon,
Deanne Hazael G. Taclay,
Rvhence Francis L. Tumulak,
Friazl Bajada

Related Institution

College of Dentistry - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Dental Medicine
Publication Date
May 2019


  This study aimed to determine the effect of alkaline water on the Coca-Cola induced salivary pH of twenty-three (23) Dentistry IV students of Cebu Doctors' University with excellent oral hygiene. The study was conducted at the Restorative and Periodontics Departments of Cebu Doctors' University.Hanna Hi98108 pHep+ pH tester was used to determine the salivary pH of each participant at baseline, before and after gargling Listerine, alkaline water, and distilled water. The results were obtained by letting the subjects from group A, B and C, gargle 20 mL of Listerine, alkaline water and distilled water respectively for 30 seconds, after inducing acidity with Coca-Cola. The procedure was done once a day for three consecutive days.

  Repeated-Measures ANOVA revealed that salivary pH across baseline, pre-treatment, and post-treatment of the subjects treated with Listerine (F (1.20,8.39) = 1191.74 and p < .05), alkaline water (F (4,14) = 7249.28 and p < .05) and distilled water (F (4,12) = 1101.26 and p < .05) were significantly not the same at .05 level of significance. Bonferroni post-hoc test showed that Listerine, alkaline water and distilled water salivary pH significantly increased from pre-treatment to post-treatment by 3.11, 3.36 and 3.11 respectively. On the other hand, One-Way ANOVA revealed that post-treatment salivary pH of the subjects treated with Listerine (M = 7.15, SE = .10), alkaline water (M = 7.25, SE = .03), and distilled water (M = 7.09, SE = .03), were the same at .05 level of significance, F (2,20) = 3.277 and p > .05.

  The study concluded that alkaline water has an effect on the salivary pH of the oral cavity among selected Dentistry IV students of Cebu Doctors' University with induced acidity method using Coca-Cola. For future studies, the researchers would like to recommend the use of different time intervals in determining the effect of alkaline water on the salivary pH.


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