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Factors affecting outcome of patients with acute type A aortic dissection: a single center experience.


Neil Wayne  C. Salces,
Joel S. Paz ,
Ma.Teresa B. Abola

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Adult Cardiology - Philippine Heart Center

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Publication Type
Research Project
January 1-December 1, 2016


Background: Acute aortic dissection is a life threatening medical condition that requires emergency surgical treatment. If left untreated, complications develop rapidly and the outcome is often fatal. This study aims to determine the factors affecting outcome of patients with acute type A aortic dissection (ATAAD).

Methods: A retrospective cohort of 91 patients with ATAAD was done from 2006 to 2015 who were admitted at the Philippine Heart Center. Pre-operative factors including demographic and clinical characteristics, surgical strategies as well as the in-hospital complications were determined and were correlated with in-hospital mortality.

Results: In-hospital mortality was 26.4%. The mean age (years) of those patients who died (57.1 ± 11.5) was slightly higher compared to those who survived (51.6 ± 11.7; p=0.050). Patient's co-morbidities, clinical presentation and surgical strategies did not significantly affect outcome. Acute kidney injury (p=<0.001), new-onset dialysis (p=<0.001), prolonged ventilation (p=0.004) and sepsis (0.013) were the complications associated with in-hospital mortality.

Conclusion: In the Philippine Heart Center, the in-hospital mortality of patients with ATAAD is high and is comparable with the results in larger series published in the literature. Age is the only pre-operative factor associated with in-hospital mortality. Acute kidney injury, new onset dialysis, prolonged ventilation of more than 24 hours and sepsis are the complications noted to significantly affect outcome.


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