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Effect of Ipomoea aquatica (kangkong) as supplementation on the growth of Gallus gallus domesticus (vantress chicken).


Andrian J. Duran,
Sophia Jon Handuman,
Christian Rey P. Saraosos,
Shane Deco P. Tagadan,
Kondigalla Peddinti Vamsi,
Corazon V. Canapi

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Biology - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2019


   This study was conducted to determine the effect of Ipomoea aquatica as supplementation on the growth of Gallus gallus domesticus. This study was set out to determine the significant growth among the experimental and control groups, which involve twenty-seven (27) Vantress chicken. There were two (2) experimental groups and one (1) control group. Every group was divided into three (3).one (1) experimental group was fed with kangkong along and the other experimental group was fed with kangkong mixed with B-Meg Integra 1000. The control group was fed with B-Meg Integra 1000 alone.This study used a completely randomized block design and was performed in Cebu Doctors' University Animal Research Laboratory. The data were analyzed and processed using IBM SPSS version 22.

   When compared to the three (3) groups of Vantress chicken fed with B-Meg Integra 1000, which had an average weight of 499.1133g, Ipomoea aquatica proved to be significantly less effective with only an average of 121.3333g on the three (3) groups of Vantress chicken. Ipomoea aquatica was not as effective as the B-Meg Integra 1000.

   In conclusion, Ipomoea aquatica was not effective as supplementation on the growth of Gallus gallus domesticus. It is recommended to find another alternative plant like Azolla pinnata, due to having minimal effect on the growth of Gallus gallus domesticus.The researcher should use higher nutrient content plant like Azolla pinnata, for supplementing Gallus gallus domesticus and compare it with the results of this study.


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