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Factors associated with job awareness of nursing attendants in Medical-Surgical Care Units.


Deobanny  A. Nuquit,
Ritz Michello A. Tan

Related Institution

Division of Medical-Surgical Care 2 - Philippine Heart Center

Publication Information

Publication Type
Research Project
January 1-December 31, 2015

Publication Type
Research Report


Background: In addition to staff nurses, competent nurse attendants are essential in providing direct patient care. In the Philippine Heart Center, nursing attendants collaborate with all members of the healthcare team to ensure patient safety. They are deployed in the different nursing units, helping nurses provide quality care assistance. Awareness is a way of converging and combining skills in complex workplace that results to competent performance. Job awareness among nurse attendants enables them to provide excellent customer service in the hospital.

 Objective: This study aimed to determine the factors associated with the competency of nurse attendants in the medical-surgical units of the Philippine Heart Center.

 Methods: Cross sectional design was utilized in this study. The study population composed of nursing attendants who were screened based on age and length of work experience. A pretested and reliable research instrument, with 0.9045 Cronbach alpha value, Self-Evaluation questionnaire was utilized to assess the nurse attendant's level of job awareness and productivity. Validation of responses was done through Nurses' Observation questionnaire as part of the triangulation technique. Performances were rated using a Likert scale to determine nurse attendant's competency in the unit of assignment. Independent T-test for quantitative data and logistic regression test for qualitative data were used to determine the factors associated with job awareness. The level of significance was set at 0.05.

 Results: There were two factors associated with job awareness: civil status and employment status. Study showed variance between self-perception of nurse attendants' job awareness and the nurses' evaluation.

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