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Factors of good working relationships among the hospital's nursing service personnel its impact and benefits.


Marycel B. Galanido,
Belen R. Mendez RN MAN

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College of Health Sciences - Holy Name University

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Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2018



In hospitals, good working relationship is an important health intervention as it is an essential tool in maintaining a good working environment when rendering services to patients.

The study aimed to determine the factors affecting the good working relationships of the Teodoro B. Galagar District Hospital's Nursing Services Personnel.

Findings of the study revealed that the three groups of respondents claimed that intrinsically, for nurses, midwives and utility workers, they feel the satisfaction at their accomplishments as they develop expertise thus feeling capable and confident in such a way that they enjoy the sense of challenge in a meaningful work. Raised salary, added benefits and incentives as well as extrinsic factors of working relationships. Also, the respondents assert that it is their shared responsibility to perform a comprehensive patient assessment and document it for legal safety. Using checklists and other tools to make sure nothing's missed during handoff conversations to prevent mistakes is the leading concern of the respondents to reduce errors in the workplace. The respondents collectively affirm that effective communication can improve working relation, decision making, problem solving and general office sentiment, thus reducing stress. Lastly, good working relationship enhances quality of care, boosts confidence and trust that the clients' needs will be attended and earns loyalty from clients and workers.

The researcher concluded that good working relationship is beneficial in many ways to all stakeholders of the Teodoro B. Galagar District Hospital enhancing satisfaction on both ends of the services provided earning mutual respect and loyalty to each other and that there is already harmonious working atmosphere that existed in the place of study although there are some aspects that need enhancement thus achieving quality service. A proposed Enhancement Scheme for Effective Working Relationship was developed based on the findings of the study for implementation. 


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