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Competence of intensive care unit nurses and satisfaction with the services.


Rosa T. Secretaria,
Belen R. Mendez

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College of Health Sciences - Holy Name University

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Publication Type
Thesis Degree
College of Health Sciences
Publication Date
March 2018



Competency plays an important role as a practical discipline in nursing profession. Nowadays, development of quality care and the capabilities of the nurses have a high priority in nursing management. Critical care patients benefit from the attention of nursing personnel with a high competence level. 

The study aimed to determine the level of competence of Intensive Care Unit Nurses of Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital and the level of satisfaction with the services rendered. A descriptive-correlation research design was used. The study utilized a self-made questionnaire to assess the level of competence of ICU nurses as perceived by themselves and by their supervisor and to determine the level of satisfaction with the services rendered by the nurses as rated by the significant others. The study was conducted to staff nurses, their supervisor and the significant others of patients admitted on the month of February 2018 in MICU, PICU and NICU in GCGMH.

The findings of the study showed that Intensive Care Unit Nurses are mostly between ages 23-35 years old, permanent employees and are mostly in the area between 1-5 years, with units in the graduate studies earned and with trainings on the basic requirements as an ICU nurse. ICU nurses were rated to have High Competence of the Intensive Care Competencies. They have shown high levels of ethico-legal competence but a little low on personal and professional development. ICU Nurses has a Very Satisfactory rating on the provision of services as rated by the Significant Others. It showed that a very high rating on use of equipment while a lower on the health education service.

The researcher concludes that intensive care unit nurses and their respective nurse supervisor have a uniform understanding on the competencies required for the discharge of critical care nursing. Constant communication of these competencies must be done to avoid misinterpretation and miscommunication on the evaluation and performance of competencies. Despite of high competence of ICU nurses on the discharge of their duties and responsibilities, there are other factors to be considered and to be determined that can be associated with satisfaction of significant others to the hospital services.


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