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Knowledge and practices of food handlers in campus canteen management.


Zandae Allyne N. Pablo,
Judith L. Godinez

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College of Health Sciences - Holy Name University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
College of Health Sciences
Publication Date
March 2018


The school environment is an important sector to explore due to the social and health influences schools have on children. In addition, the school environment is important for interventions aimed at mitigating infectious diseases spread because children may be introduced to more, and more strains of pathogens in the school, due to the fact that more children are present, in contact with, and using the facilities. As part of the school environment, a canteen is in a unique position to make a positive contribution to students' health and welfare, also a great area to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating. 

The health of the school cafeteria especially the sanitation is everyone's responsibility. Food handlers who are in contact like serving foods to students should remember and familiarize with the safety in handling food. The study also highlighted on key prevention and safety issues to help mitigate the risk like intensive inspection and improvement of the sanitary conditions of the facilities.

This research study aims to determine the level of knowledge and practices on food safety, hygiene and sanitation by food handlers in a campus Canteen. The research made use of a self-made questionnaire to gather needed information from the respondents. The first part of the evaluation instrument pertains to the level  of knowledge of food handlers in a campus canteen. The second part covers the practices towards food safety and sanitation in the canteen. Percentage, weighted mean and Person Product Moment Correlation Coefficient were employed in the statistical treatment of data.

The researchers concluded that there is no significant relationship between level of knowledge and practices on Campus Canteen Management. The relationship between level of knowledge and practices is moderately negatively correlated. The respondents have knowledge on the food safety, hygiene and sanitation but not applying their learning or not put into action when it comes to practices.



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