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The pesticidal effect of kanding-kanding (Lantana camara) leaf extract on cockroach (Periplaneta americana).


Jessa Mae O. Aurena,
Josell Dame V. Fong,
Nathalia Lynn T. Gabuyo,
Jamaica Annelle F. Ortiz,
Joeshcin Ashley A. Ramoneda,
Sharon F. Tan,
Maria Lourdes C. Umlas

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Biology - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
November 2018


  The researchers studied about the Pesticidal Effect of Kandingkanding (Lantana camara) on cockroaches (Periplaneta americana). Periplaneta americana was the subject which was known to cause typhoid fever, diarrhea, and other fatal diseases worldwide. Specifically, the study aimed to determine the significant difference in the percent mortality of Lantana camara leaf extract, Baygon, and Ethanol. Fifteen Periplaneta americana were used in the experiment for each of fifteen (15) replicates per group (10%, 20%, Positive control, Negative control) for three (3) trials with a total of 200 cockroaches. The study utilized the completely randomized design and was performed in Cebu Doctors' University Research Laboratory.

  Results of the study revealed that there was a significant difference in the mortality (%) of Periplaneta americana after exposing them with 10% and 20% concentration of the leaf extract, Baygon and Ethanol at 0.5 level of significance, Chi- square value of 52.941 with 3 degrees of freedom, p

  The Lantana camara leaf extract at 20% and 10% concentration manifested pesticidal effects. The household/homeowners, able to use Lantana camara leaf extract as an alternative pesticide; it is cheaper and easy to prepare. Furthermore, it is recommended that testing for higher concentrations of the extract should be used to swiftly kill the cockroaches and that application amount may be reduced (


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