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The demographic factors as determinants of injury in regards to type and locality experienced among Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in Cebu of the year 2017-2018: Developing an injury prevention program.


Axel Jacob L. Campilan,
Milkesiky Mae A. Cellan,
Marie Cielo  D. Elpa,
Angelica Marie N. Flores,
Kleif Reynald N. Gonzales,
Jandie P. Sagayno

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences – Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2018


 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in the Philippines is gaining popularity and attention both as a martial art and a combat sport from the Filipinos, especially here in Cebu. The fame resulted in a gradual increase in BJJ practitioners, which is associated with an increased susceptibility to injury due to its great physical demands on the body that immensely tests an individual's capabilities. The current study aims to utilize the demographic factors as determinants of injury with regards to the type and locality experienced by the BJJ practitioners in Cebu and develop an injury prevention program in order to minimize the occurrence of such injuries. The researchers utilized a descriptive predictive survey study design, wherein the respondents' demographic factors, which contains the age, BMI, frequency of training, duration of training, the use of protective equipment, and the years of experience were gathered using a questionnaire.

 The data gathered were used to find out the demographic factors that can predict the injury with the use of binary logistic regression. Results presented shown the following demographic factors that provided a significant p-value and are predictors in injury as to locality & type: where the p-value 0.001 (α, 0.05) interpreted as significant. In BMI a significant p-value was found at lumbar and abdomen (0.025) along with the ankle and foot (0.056). As to type of injury significant p value was found at dislocation (0.001), laceration (0.021) and strain (0.001). Another demographic factor that produced a significant p-value is the frequency of training. In result to locality of injury, the Head and Neck (0.037) and as for type Contusions (0.034) and Fractures (0.012). Duration of training showed a significant p value in Lumbar and Abdomen (0.054) and Lacerations (0.013) and Sprains (0.058). Protective gear showed significant p-value found in fractures (0.018). Lastly is the year of experience, a significant p-value was found on head and neck (0.001), Thorax (0.004), wrist and hand, (0.22), lumbar and abdomen region (0.038), the hip region (0.010) and ankle and foot (0.015). In regards to type of injury a significant p-value was found on dislocation (0.012) and fracture (0.049).

 BMI, frequency of training, duration of training, protective gears, and years of experience are predictors of injury in regards to type and locality. Based on the results, an injury prevention program was formulated. The program consisted of exercises such as strengthening, proprioception and plyometric as well as patient education according to each demographic factors. The program also included programs that address the demographic factors.


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