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Taxonomic classification of fiddler crabs with notes on their ecological distribution in Brgy. Agus, Lapu-Lapu City.


Michelle P. Brigoli,
Rosean Hope M. Canton,
Van Alfred A. Enriquez,
Marionne Celina M. Macapaz,
Kristine Y. Tatonetti,
Vitaliano V. Fernandez

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Biology - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2017


   A study on the fiddler crabs, Uca spp. was conducted to determine their abundance, sex ratio and distribution of the different species in the muddy-sandy intertidal zone of Brgy. Agus, Lapu-Lapu City. Transect lines were laid on each designated sites of the muddy-sandy intertidal zone in Agus, Lapu-Lapu City. In every transect line, plots were alternately established. Fish nets were laid inside the plots and were mainly used as traps for the fiddler crabs. Barbecue sticks were then installed at the corners of the plots to hold the fish nets. The trapped fiddler crabs were gathered and later on identified according to their type of species and sex. They were collected per transect and were placed in its designated plant pots for the mean time to avoid duplication.

   Based on the 138 fiddler crabs gathered subjects, it shows the presence of three fiddler crab species namely Uca crassipes, Uca perplexa and Uca triangularis. The distribution of the three species appeared to be influenced by substrate type. Uca crassipes was the most abundant in the area; since the area is mostly composed of limestones where Uca crassipes is commonly found. Males are more visible than females because males spend more time defending their burrows and attracting females. This explains why males are abundant than females in term of population.

   Therefore, we concluded that fiddler crabs were mostly found in the mangrove areas and Uca crassipes was the most abundant species found at Barangay Agus, Lapu-Lapu City; furthermore, it was also found out that male fiddler crabs were more abundant in population compared to the female fiddler crabs. We recommend this study to the barangay officials, visitors, and the nearby residents for further knowledge, and also, to the future researchers if they wish to explore more on the subject matter.


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