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Contact lens care regimen and ocular complications among senior high school students of Cebu Doctors' University academic year 2018-2019: Proposed online information dissemination.


Johanna Mae F. Gayod,
Jaika Monique M. Gonzales,
Amypiel L. Retiracion,
Ritchie A. Suba-an

Related Institution

College of Optometry - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
April 2019


       This study aimed to determine the association between contact lens care regimen and ocular complications among senior high school students of Cebu Doctors' University academic year 2018-2019. The respondents of the study were 114 senior high school students of Cebu Doctors' University who were contact lens wearers. The study used a descriptive correlation survey research study design. A modified questionnaire based from the study of Abahussin and AlAnazi was used to assess their contact lens care regimen and the presence of ocular complications were checked using slit-lamp biomicroscope, sodium fluorescein strip and Schirmer strip. Frequency and percentage distribution and Cramer's V coefficient were used to analyze the data and processed using IBM SPSS Version 22.
        The results of the study showed that 94 (82.5%) always washed their hands before CL wear, before CL removal (84 or 73.7%), 106 (93.0%) did not share their contact lenses with their friends and 76 (66.7%) always changed their contact lens solution daily. Rub and rinse multipurpose solutions were used to clean (84 or 73.7%), rinse (95 or 83.3%) and disinfect (101 or 88.6%) their contact lens. Fifty four (47.4%) always cleaned their lens case, however, 65 (57.0%) did not know as to the frequency of lens case replacement. Sixty five (57.0%) wore their contact lenses less than 8 hours a day, 84 (73.7%) did not sleep with their contact lens and 68 (59.6%) used monthly disposable. Thirty three (28.9%) visited their optometrist or ophthalmologist yearly and after 6 months for an aftercare examination. The most common ocular complications were dry eye (99 or 86.8%), superficial corneal neovascularization (38 or 33.3%), meibomian gland dysfunction (14 or 12.3%), giant papillary conjunctivitis (9 or 7.9%), limbal redness (6 or 5.3%), conjunctival staining, conjunctival redness (1 or 0.9%) and mucin balls (1 or 0.9%). Contact lens care regimen and ocular complications are associated with the following, replacing contact lens case was moderately associated with mucin balls (V = .342) with replacement of case every 6 months. Conjunctiva redness was also moderately associated with replacing case yearly (V = .342) and with those who sometimes sleep with CL in a week (V = .321). Conjunctiva staining was also moderately associated with rarely washing hands before removing contact lens (V = .704). Having no rub and rinse solution was associated with GPC (V = .310).
       Based on the findings, conjunctival redness is associated with frequency of replacing case yearly and frequency of sleeping with contact lens in a week. Conjunctival staining is associated with frequency of hand washing before removing the contact lens. Giant papillary conjunctivitis is associated with the type of contact lens solution. Mucin balls was associated with the frequency of contact lens case replacement. Thus, a proposed online information dissemination was recommended. The researchers recommended that the senior high school students, their family and the public should be educated on the proper contact lens care regimen and the possible complications brought about by non-compliance. The optometrists, optometry students and optical clinics, and the Department of Health should be dynamic in educating the public regarding contact lenses. It is further recommended that a similar study should be conducted in a different university or school, working environment, different age group and in a larger population; inclusion in the research tool the symptoms and other factors such as lifestyle that would contribute to ocular complications; Visual Acuity testing to determine whether ocular complication affects the visual acuity.


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