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The hypoglycemic effect of Paspalum conjugatum (carabao grass) extract on the fasting blood sugar levels of dexamethasone- induced Mus musculus (male albino mice).


Zanne I. Baritugo,
Ma. Joselle Cagas,
Christine Rebecca Ann I. Cutang,
Symple Irina C. Dabuet,
Plutarch Ioniel  Degollacion,
Danielle Riana L. Mata,
Charles Vincent  V. Medillo,
Vianneylee Napuli,
Ma. Therese Kim U. Pabuaya,
Kristle Shaine Perales,
Renelyn Keye S. Torregosa,
Aldrin Jeff  B. Autencio

Related Institution

College of Allied Medical Sciences - Medical Technology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Medical Technology
Publication Date
November 2018


       The study aimed to determine the hypoglycemic effect of Paspalum conjugatum (Carabao Grass) on the blood glucose levels of Dexamethasone Induced Mus musculus (Male Albino Mice). This is an experimental study that utilized the randomized control trial in evaluating the effects of Paspalum conjugatum (Carabao Grass) Extract on the blood glucose levels of Dexamethasone Induced Albino Mice. The study utilized twenty-four (24) healthy male albino mice weighing 19-40 grams with normal blood glucose levels within 60-130 mg/dl and with no other abnormalities. The male albino mice were allowed to acclimatize for a total of fifteen (15) days. Mice were allowed to fast for a total of eight (8) hours and baseline blood glucose levels were determined the following day. After acclimatization, the mice were injected intraperitonneally with a dosage of 11 mg/kg of dexamethasone for ten (10) days to increase the blood glucose level of more than 105 mg/dl to achieve hyperglycemia. After hyperglycemic induction with dexamethasone, the subjects were assigned randomly by using Excel into three groups, with eight (8) mice per control group: the negative control (Distilled water) group, the positive control (Glibenclamide) and the experimental control group which were treated with the methanolic Carabao grass extract. The subjects were then given treatment for ten (10) days. Blood extraction was done after treatment for ten (10) days.
       At post-treatment, the male albino mice treated with distilled water revealed a mean blood glucose level of (mg/dl) of 127.13 ± 40.72. Carabao Grass Extract (post-treatment) yielded a mean blood glucose level of 91. 88 ± 15.28 while male albino mice treated with Glibenclamide showed a mean blood glucose level of 63.13 ± 22.38. One-Way ANCOVA showed that there was a significant post-treatment mean blood glucose levels (mg/dl) of male albino mice difference among the Carabao Grass Extract, Glibenclamide, and distilled water groups at .05 level of significance, F(4,19) = 15.153, p <.05.
       Based on the findings, the methanolic extract of Paspalum conjugatum (Carabao Grass) possesses hypoglycemic property on dexamethasone induced hyperglycemic male albino mice. Based on the findings, the researchers would like to recommend promoting the use of plants as alternatives to highly expensive medications used for hyperglycemia after undergoing clinical trial. In the interest of future studies, the researchers would like to recommend conducting related studies of other plants under Poaceae family for their ability to lower blood glucose levels.


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