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Hypoglycemic effect of Musa acuminata x Balbisiana colla (latundan banana) peel crude extract on dexamethasone - induced male Mus musculus (albino mice).


Loraine J. Alfante,
Job Alexis B. Aparece,
Jo Myca I. De Los Angeles,
Angelica S. Lao,
Maria Angelica P. Purisima,
Maria Angelica Rose A. Sacris,
Mulford Apache  T. Samper,
Kate Therese Y. Seno,
Mariko P. Sugiyama,
Filconey Rose B. Camado

Related Institution

College of Allied Medical Sciences - Medical Technology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Medical Technology
Publication Date
November 2018


        This study aimed to determine the hypoglycemic effect of Latundan banana peel extract (Musa acuminata x balbisiana Colla) on the blood glucose level of dexamethasone-induced male albino mice (Mus musculus). This is an experimental study that utilized the repeated measures experimental design in evaluating the effect of banana peel crude extract (Musa acuminata x balbisiana Colla) on the blood glucose level of dexamethasone-induced male albino mice. The study utilized twenty-four (24) healthy male albino mice weighing 20 to 40 grams with normal blood glucose levels within 60-130 mg/dL and with no other abnormalities. The albino mice were acclimatized for a period of fourteen (14) days and baseline glucose levels were determined on the fifteenth day. After the acclimatization period, the mice were injected intraperitoneally with 11 mg/kg of dexamethasone for seven (7) days to increase the blood glucose level above the baseline sugar level. After injection of dexamethasone and upon establishing desired hyperglycemic levels, the subjects were assigned randomly into three groups with eight (8) mice per group: the positive control group (Glibenclamide), the negative control group (Distilled Water), and the experimental group (100% Banana Peel Crude Extract). The subjects were administered with the treatment for seven (7) days. Blood extraction was done after the 7th day of treatment.         The albino mice treated with 100% banana peel crude extract revealed a mean blood glucose (mg/dl) of 91.00±31.58 on the 8th day while the Glibenclamide group showed a mean blood sugar of 113.625±33.90. Both post-treatment blood glucose levels were still within the normal range. The negative control group, however, was also within the normal range which was opposite to what was expected. This has been attributed to physiological factors. Repeated Measures ANOVA revealed that there was a significant difference in the blood glucose levels (mg/dl) within the positive control group at 0.05 level of significance on the 8th day of post-treatment, F(2,14) = 4.889 and p< .05. Repeated Measures ANOVA revealed that there was a significant difference in the blood glucose levels (mg/dl) within the negative control group at 0.05 level of significance on the 8th day of post-treatment, F(2,14) = 4.878 and p< .05. Repeated Measures ANOVArevealed that there was a significant difference in the blood glucose levels (mg/dl) within the experimental group at 0.05 level of significance on the 8th day of post-treatment, F(2,14) = 8.886 and p< .05.
        Based on findings of the study, the 100% banana (Musa acuminata x balbisiana Colla) peel crude extract is shown to possess hypoglycemic properties comparable to glibenclamide on the blood glucose levels of dexamethasone-induced hyperglycemic male albino mice.


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