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Communicative factors as determinants to the level of communication apprehension among rehabilitative sciences students of Cebu Doctors' University.


Erah Scent A. Hallarsis,
Maria Danica S. Mendoza,
Kyle Kurt L. Quiñanola,
Edsh Radgedolf S. Rosales,
Maria Fe F. Abejar

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Speech-Language Pathology - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Speech-Language Pathology
Publication Date
November 2018


   Within an institute, Communication apprehension (CA) is seen as one of the reasons for ineffective communication. However, in Cebu Doctors' University (CDU), CA is not acknowledged by most of the students. Moreover, there are a variety of communicative factors that interrupts effective communication. Thus, resulting to communication apprehension. Herewith, this particular research aims to describe the different communicative factors experienced by the students and its significant influence to the level of communication apprehension. Furthermore, one of its objectives is to determine and describe the students' level of communication apprehension in different contexts. The research study utilized two (2) research instruments, namely: the Nguyen and Tran's (2015) Communicative Factors Affecting Speaking Performance - Adapted (CFASP-A), and the Communications Assessment Test: Mcroskey's (1982) Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA-24). It aimed to investigate communicative factors as determinants of the level of communication apprehension among the College of Rehabilitative Sciences students in Cebu Doctors' University. Seven hundred twenty-nine (729) undergraduate students participated in this study. The study utilized a descriptive correlational survey to aid the researchers in determining the relationship between the two variables.

   The results of the study showed that majority of the rehabilitative sciences students experienced inhibition as a communicative factor affecting performance with responses of four hundred twenty-nine (429) or 58.9% out of seven hundred twenty-nine (729). Also, majority of the students, four hundred eighty-one (481) or 66.1%, experience moderate levels of communication apprehension. As for the communicative context, students experience communication apprehension in the context of public speaking, garnering a mean of 19.38 ± 4.28. Pearson product moment correlation coefficient revealed that the communicative factors are significantly correlated with communication apprehension with affective factors having the strongest correlation to communication apprehension (r=.710, p<.001). This suggests that there is a significant linear relationship between the communicative factors and communication apprehension, as all the communicative factors. Multiple regression results showed that performance conditions (β = .712), affective factors (β = 1.503), inhibition (β = 1.057) and participation (β = 1.750) are significant predictors of communication apprehension with 64.9% of the variance of communication apprehension that can be predicted by the model.

   In conclusion, the communicative factors are determinants to the level of communication apprehension among the College of Rehabilitative Sciences students in Cebu Doctors' University. Therefore, the researchers would like to recommend the CDU administration to create programs and activities that enhance students' communication performance.


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