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Situational analysis of play participation and quality of life among pediatric patients with cancer in Cebu Cancer Institute: Basis for occupational therapy program.


Bianca Marie E. Cabugason,
Chelsea S. Calano,
Emmylou  A. Sangalang

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences – Department of Occupational Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Occupational Therapy
Publication Date
March 2016


     This study aimed to analyze the relationship between play participation and the quality of life among pediatric patients with cancer in Cebu Cancer Institute and develop an occupational therapy program based on the results.

     The study utilized thirty (30) pediatric patients ages five (5) to twelve (12) years old. A mixed methods research design specifically explanatory sequential design was used. The Pediatric Interest Profile (PIP) and the Pediatric Quality of Life (PedsQL) Generic Core Scale version 4.0 were used to measure the play participation and quality of life. Informal interviews were also done with the parents to support the quantitative data. The results showed that the majority of the respondents (50%) had moderate levels of quality of life. Forty percent (40%) showed high levels of quality of life and ten percent (10%) showed low levels of quality of life. With regards to computing the mean, the overall mean of quality of life was 73.09. Social functioning had the highest mean score of 79.17 while emotional functioning had the lowest mean score of 63.8. Regarding their play participation, majority of the children preferred to participate in indoor activities (56%). Indoor activities also scored highest in terms of play preference with a score of (1.5). The respondents also preferred to participate in indoor activities by themselves (74%). There were significant relations between: overall quality of life and summer activities (r=.401); physical functioning and summer activities, creative activities, lessons/classes, and socializing activities (r=.443, r=.415, r=.366, r=.383); and emotional functioning and outside activities (r=.384). An occupational therapy play participation program for pediatric patients with cancer at Cebu Cancer Institute was developed through this study.

     Based on the results of the study, for the pediatric cancer patients, they are encouraged to participate in meaningful play activities to increase quality of life. For the parents, they are encouraged to guide and support their child in their participation in play activities. For the child life specialists, nurses, clinical specialists and educators, they are encouraged to work with occupational therapists during the treatment sessions. For the hospital administrators of Cebu Cancer Institute, they are recommended to consider the occupational therapy program developed through this study. For the occupational therapists, they are recommended to implement an occupational therapy program for pediatric patients with cancer. For future studies, it is recommended to include more respondents from different institutions to increase generalizability, to conduct a focused-group discussion that will help in having an in-depth qualitative analysis, to compare the levels of quality of life between healthy control group and to use longitudinal study while considering the phases of cancer treatment to observe the changes in quality of life and play participation over a period of time.


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