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Pulmonary complications after coronary bypass graft surgery.


John Clifford U. Martyr,
Ma. Encarnita Blanco-Limpin,
Teresita S. de Guia

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Adult Pulmonology - Philippine Heart Center

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Research Report
January 1-December 31, 2001


Introduction: Pulmonary complications are the most common form of postoperative morbidity experienced by surgical patients.

Objectives: To determine the incidence of postoperative pulmonary complications after coronary artery bypass graft surgery and the factors predisposing to these complications.

Methodology: Retrospective medical record review of adults after coronary artery bypass graft surgery at the Philippine Heart Center. Demographic data collected: age, sex, weight, height and smoking history. History of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes and hypertension were noted. Complications observed were atelectasis, pneumonia, congestion/edema, pneumothorax, effusion, prolonged intubation and death. Perioperative parameters noted include; duration of operation and anesthesia, ischemic and bypass times, number of vessels involved and source of grafts used. Post extubation maneuvers and incentive spirometry were noted.

Results: Among 232 patients, 191 (82.33%), had complications. Pleural effusion was the most common (24.28%) followed by congestionledema (23.50%) and atelectasis (2l.15%). Smoking history was related to more incidence of pneumonia (14/145,9.66%, p=0.023). Patients without COPD had prolonged intubation (15/24, 62.5%, p=0.038) times than COPD patients (2/11, 18.8%). Non-hypertensives had more pneumonia 9/60 compared to hypertensives 5/158 (p=O.003). Duration of anesthesia and of operation showed an association with mortality. A longer ischemic time may predispose patients to pneumonia and death. A shorter bypass time may be associated with atelectasis. Post extubation, incentive spirometry was related significantly to congestion (p=O.007)

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Philippine Heart Center Medical Library CRF.R.043.0 Abstract Print Format

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