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Phytochemical components of Carabao Grass (Paspalum conjugatum).


John Steven Amante,
Bienvenido Gulane III,
Arian Marie Villafuerte,
Joaquin Wong IV,
Elvira Arong

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2015


          The researchers conducted this descriptive qualitative study on the phytochemical components of Carabao Grass (Paspalum conjugatum) with the purpose of determining the secondary metabolites present and to determine if ever it would contribute to medicine, pharmacy or as pesticides. Samples were obtained from 3 stations namely, within the vicinity of North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, vicinity of the Department of Agriculture (DOA) and the vicinity of one of our researcher's house located in Sudlon Maguikay Mandaue City. The samples underwent air drying, extraction, concentration and filtration. The samples were all tested in the chemistry laboratory of Cebu Doctors' University. The researchers were guided by the inputs of Aguinaldo, Espeso, Guevara and Nonato (2005) on phytochemistry in the book entitled "A Guidebook to Plant Screening: Phythochemical and Biological". The researchers followed eight different laboratory tests for the 8 major groups of secondary metabolites step by step in order to yield a certain reaction from each of them. Each test would determine what type of phytochemical/s or secondary metabolite/s is/are present in Carabao Grass (Paspalum conjugatum).
          Results from the three different samples indicated that Carabao grass (Paspalum conjugatum) was positive for the secondary metabolite, Cyanogenic Glycosides. All the other tests for Alkaloids, Steroids, Terpenoids, Anthraquinones, Flavonoids, Saponins, Tannins and Polyphenols were all found to be negative after the testings.
          From the results gathered, the researchers concluded that Carabao Grass (Paspalum conjugatum) only contains the secondary metabolite, Cyanogenic Glycosides; a secondary metabolite that can be harmful to humans in large dosages. The study recommends that if to be eaten should be properly hydrolyzed so that to avoid any cyanogenic poisoning. Carabao Grass (Paspalum conjugatum) is, therefore, should only be used as a medium for animal grazing or for aesthetic purposes only. The researchers recommend that the Cyanogenic Glycoside content of Carabao Grass (Paspalum conjugatum) be future studied for its specific type and concentration.


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