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The effect of Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr (Sabuñgai) leaf extract on the body weight of high fat induced albino mice (Mus musculus).


Krisha Claire  O. Alangcas,
Stephanie Rose F. Garcia,
Leanne Therese L. Malapitan,
Carmel Mae J. Montinola,
Carleen May Y. Quinain,
Junichi L. Yabushita,
Budget L. Sulit

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Nutrition and Dietetics - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Nutrition and Dietetics
Publication Date
October 2016


   The objective of this study was to determine the effects of Gynura Procumbens (Sabungai) leaf extract in high fat induced albino mice. This study utilized an Experimental design, specifically, the randomized controlled trial design. The researchers used male albino mice in the experiment and the weight of the albino mice before and after giving the Gynura procumbens leaf extract were determined. Two groups were randomized, both were induced with high fat diet. The experimental group was treated with Gynura procumbens leaf extract while the control group were not given the treatment.

   It was determined that during the pre-treatment, the mean weight of the control group is a little bit higher than the experimental group by (0.49 g). In the Induced high fat weight, the mean weight of the experimental group was higher than the control group (5.88 g). before the treatment was given, the mice in the experimental group was heavier than the control group. Also, the mice had different appetite relative to one another. Determinate errors occurred due to the continuous induction of high fat diet in the experimental group during the treatment. A paired t-test revealed that there was a significant difference in the mean weight (g) between induced high-fat and post-treatment in the Sabuñgai leaf extract group at .05 level of significance, t(7)=2.551 and p < 0.05. Post-treatment (Mean = 31.36, SD = 4.81) weight was lesser compared with induced high-fat (Mean = 34.62, SD = 3.74) by 3.26 g. Thus, there is an effect brought by the Sabungai leaf extract in the experimental group. This result showed the significant weight loss effect of the Sabungai extract on the experimental group even with the induction of high fat diet during the experiment.

   Based on the finding, the Gynura procumbens had a weight loss effect on the high fat induced albino mice. The researchers would like to recommend that to give normal diet to albino mice after two (2) weeks of high fat diet. To shorter the length of the administration of the extract to minimize or prevent toxicity effects. To analyze the composition of the induced high fat which may impact the weight loss effect. For the Future researchers, they must return the normal diet of albino mice after two (2) weeks of high fat diet to determine its effect on the weight of the control and experimental group during administration of Gynura procumbens leaf extract. To determine the components and nutrients responsible for the weight loss effect of Gynura procumbens leaf extract in albino mice. To study if Gynura procumbens leaf extract weight loss effect on albino mice possible for human trial.


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