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Students' satisfaction on the food service rendered by the KSEAN Cafeteria located at Cebu Doctors' University Canteen.


Justin Lyle Cachila,
Latrell Sprewell Cristoria,
Noah Vincent Gallo,
Ralph Robin Go,
James Aaron Perez,
Robin Karlo Tan,
Eldie P. Gugudan

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Nutrition and Dietetics - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Nutrition and Dietetics
Publication Date
November 2016


  The research is focused on determining the Students' Satisfaction on the Food Service Rendered by the KSEAN Cafeteria. The study will utilize a descriptive and quantitative method. The study was conducted in Cebu Doctors' University Canteen located in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. A researcher made tool was administered to the students officially enrolled in the said university regardless of course and year who have availed food service of KSEAN cafeteria during noontime.

  The profiles of the students were distributed according to college. The highest number of respondents came from the College of Arts and Sciences with a frequency of 198 followed by 92 respondents from the College of Allied Medical Sciences. The students from other colleges where rehabilitative sciences, 77; nursing, 16; Dentistry, 9; Senior High, 6; and Medicine, 1. The results by year level are as follows, 4th year, 164; 3rd year, 136; 2nd year, 88; 1st year, 11; and 5th year, 3. A total of 403 respondents participated in the study where 226 are female respondents while 177 are male respondents. The mean ratings were presented through different categories and interpretations. Grooming of the food servers has a mean score of 3.5 which was interpreted as moderately satisfied, cleanliness of eating utensils 3.4, price 3.1, queuing 3.3, cafeteria premises 3.3, efficient service 3.6, food quality 3.9, availability of condiments and napkins 2.9, interpersonal communication skills 2.5. Lastly the grand mean acquired a mean score of 3.9 which was interpreted as moderately satisfied. The results of the study showed that 183 of the respondents were mere satisfied, 135 students for moderately satisfied, 56 students were highly satisfied and 29 students were less satisfied. It can be seen that there are greater number of students who are satisfied and moderately satisfied on the food service rendered by KSEAN cafeteria.

  The research was able to make a determination as to the rate of satisfaction of the respondents who availed of the food service at KSEAN. The results showed that the respondents were generally satisfied with the food service. By way of recommendation, the researchers enjoin the students to patronize and value the food services offered by the university. It is further recommended that the faculty and staff dine as well inside the university premises to encourage other students to do the same. Furthermore, it is recommended to future researchers to include in their study other cafeterias inside Cebu Doctors' University. To sum up all the foregoing, it has been established in this research that KSEAN cafeteria is well patronized by the Cebu Doctors' University students, particularly for academic year 2016-2017, due mainly to their good quality of food service.


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