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The influence of family functioning on the level of loneliness among first year students of Cebu Doctors' University.


Diana Gail P. Inot,
Cindy R. Ylagan

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College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Psychology - Cebu Doctors' University

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Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2015


    The study aimed to determine the influence of family functioning on the level of loneliness among first year students of Cebu Doctors' University. The research was conducted at Cebu Doctors' University with a sample size of 388 respondents. The study utilized the descriptive correlational survey method. Two instruments were used to measure the variables namely, the Family Functioning Scale (FFS) by Mark L. Tavitian, Judith Lubner, Laura Green, Lawrence C. Grebstein and Wayner F. Velicer and the UCLA Loneliness Scale (Version 3) by Daniel W. Russell. The frequency distribution, Pearson (r) Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and Simple Linear Regression were utilized to establish their relationship.

     Based on the findings, majority of the respondents had moderate level of family functioning with a percentage of seventy eight (78%) which meant that respondents' families sometime, frequently respect, support, and pay attention to family member's well-being and needs. Minority of the respondents had low level of family functioning with a percentage of point eighty (0.80%) which meant that respondents' family never, almost never, rarely love, respect, support and pay attention to family member's well-being and needs. The researcher also found out that majority of the respondents had moderate level of loneliness with a percentage of fifty five (55%) which meant that adolescent sometimes feels isolated, alone and being left out. Also, Minority of the respondents had high level of loneliness with a percentage of sixteen (16%) which meant that adolescent always feels isolated, alone and being left out. It was also found out that family functioning significantly influences one's loneliness by five percent (5%). There is a weak negative correlation between these variables (r = 0.227; p < 0.000).

     The findings of the study proved that moderate level of family functioning predominates among the respondents. Moderate level of loneliness predominates among the respondents. Furthermore, the level of family functioning had a significant influence on the level of loneliness. The following recommendations were made. The respondents should be informed on how family functioning influences their loneliness, give orientations or seminars on improving their relationship with their family. Give seminars on changing the way they feel inside and limiting the power of negative thoughts, have more positive outlook in life to reduce the feeling of loneliness. Parents should be informed on the importance of having a good relationship within the family to increase the level of family functioning and also orient them on the importance of their function and how it influences their children's well-being. Guidance Counselors could implement more activities and programs, encourage students to participate and keep them active to help stimulate the mind and reduce the impact of lonely thoughts.


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