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Correlation Between Lecture Grades and Related Learning Experience (RLE): Revisiting Standards of Nursing.


Jocelyn Colindres,
Cynthia R. Acosta,
Rafael Salinas,
Ma. Criselda C. Ultado

Related Institution

College of Health Sciences Education - Olivarez College

Publication Information

Publication Type
Publication Sub Type
Journal Article, Original
Acta Medica Philippina
Publication Date
September 2018-April 2019


Related Learning Experience (RLE) is teaching-learning opportunity designed to advance the competencies of students utilizing methods in various health situations. These could be obtained from lying-in clinics, schools, industrial establishments, community, out-patient clinics and general and specialty hospitals. Related Learning Experience provides opportunity for the student-nurses to practice what has been learned in the classroom. Clinical experience is "the means, through which a nurse learns to identify relationships in a situation, recognize the context of the actual situation, anticipate, potential problems, and perceive the situation as a whole. Progressivism states that practice alone is not enough. The process must be accompanied by understanding and interest. This justifies the adoption in the curriculum of the competency-based nursing, where in before the student is placed in the clinical area; he/she should possess a thorough theoretical knowledge of nursing and nursing care.

It is therefore the objective of the study to determine the relationship between average lecture grades of the students and their average grade in Related Learning Experience (RLE)

This study utilized the descriptive research design to obtain information concerning the correlation of lecture grades and RLE grades of BSN Students from second year to fourth year academic level of Olivarez College Paranaque AY 2015-2016 2nd semester.  Findings of the study set forward recommendations on further enhancing nursing student's skills through RLE would sustain the high probability of passing the licensure exam, vis-à-vis quality nursing education.

Key words: Related Learning Experience, clinical experience, licensure exam


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