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Correlation between the performance in the skills laboratory and clinical practice on counseling mothers on breastfeeding.


Orly H. Cuevas

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Department of Nursing - Olivarez College

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Journal Article, Original
Acta Medica Philippina
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October 2018-October 2019


The College seeks the holistic formation of its nursing graduates to become professionally competent to address the health needs of society. The knowledge, skills and values learned and practiced by the students set them up to the genuine expression of nursing. However, the proficiency of the graduates is assessed by the nature of the performance they have in their present employment.  Thus, the objective of this study is to investigate the transition process from higher education to work and shed light on the course of employment and work for the past five year, specifically those who graduated from year 2012 to 2016 under the newly implemented curriculum (CMO 14, series of 2009). This study employs a quantitative and qualitative type of research. Specifically, to describe the profile of the Olivarian nursing graduates in terms of their age, gender, civil status, academic status, passing rate per batch, employment status, advantage of Olivarian educational experiences, and perceived area of improvement. This study utilized questionnaires which was disseminated though electronic mails and social media and further conducted an interview among the graduates.

A total of 135 respondents participated in this study which covers all the graduates from the new curriculum from 2012-2016. Most of them are females, belonging to the age bracket of 21-25 years, single and with an academic status good as perceived by the respondents. The batch that has the highest percentage of passer was from Batch 2012.

As to the employment characteristics of the respondents after graduation, all most graduates are currently employed professional nurses although others decided to join other professions like caregiving, BPO or call agents, and entrepreneurs. Majority have landed their first job with-in six months to one year through endorsement from the College Dean, while some took more than a year because they still need to wait for their licenses, some took time to have a vacation and others when completed some training like IVT and ACLS. Most of the graduates opt to work locally for practical reasons and convenience that they want to be near to their families while some have migrated abroad. The study also revealed that most of the graduates are currently working as staff nurses in both private and government hospitals and barangay health centers where they used to have their related learning experiences. These health care facilities are the Medical Center Paranaque, Medical Center Munitinlupa, Ospital ng Muntinlupa, and Ospital ng Paranaque while others are employed at Unihealth Paranaque Hospital and Medical Center, The Premier Medical Center, Protacio General Hospital, Taguig- Pateros District Hospital, St. Luke's' Medical Center, Imus Medical Center, Devine Grace Medical Center, Puerto Galera Hospital. Further, there were graduates who are employed in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) agencies and others worked in allied health companies (pharmaceuticals). Those who are engaged in BPO industry mentioned that after graduation that there were opening in this field which they immediately applied for and the salary is much higher compared to being a nurse working in the healthcare facilities. However, there are some unemployed graduates, the top reason for being unemployed as reported are(1) some pursue medicine, (2) plans to seek foreign job, (3) waiting to pass the board examination (4) and married early. While others resigned because they are preparing for English proficiency and applying work for a foreign land.

The perceived advantages of Olivarian education were (1)  develops among their graduates is the critical thinking in the performance of the professional competencies of beginning nurse practitioners ranked one followed by (2) exhibit patronage to Filipino cultural heritage and  (3) participate actively in the promotion of health, prevention of diseases, cure and rehabilitation of the clients while the least is to participate actively in the continuing professional education and conduct research to utilized its results for the improvement of the health status.

The perceived needs to improve competitive edge of Olivarian Nursing Graduates were (1) upgrade the facilities e.g., computer laboratories, libraries, etc. (2) review and update the curriculum and syllabi, and (3) provide a job placement program for graduating students while the least is employ only competent faculty members.


The following recommendations were drawn from the results of the study: (1) the Nursing Department of Olivarez College should continue tracking its graduates, pay more attention in improving the quality of the learning facilities (computer laboratories, libraries, and NALs) and update the curriculum and syllabi. Further, determine the relevance of the curriculum being offered to current trends especially in the field of Nursing; (2) the college, together with its linkages and placement office should continue to have partnership with the Public Employment Source Office (PESO), affiliating hospitals, and other health facilities by holding job fairs regularly; (3) the graduates should be engaged in continuing professional development by engaging themselves in trainings and advance learning for them to be updated in latest developments. It may also serve as a good career opportunity to further develop their competencies to be able to reach success; (4) the administration should continue to develop the academic performance of the students through there faculty development program; (5) to the future researchers to consider doing needs assessment of graduates related to their competencies as a beginner nurse practitioners.



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