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A case series using methylene blue for sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer at St. Luke's Medical Center.


Jonathan C. Nolasco,
Ma. Cecilia  Pagdanganan

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Department of Surgery - St. Luke's Medical Center

Publication Information

Publication Type
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Case Series
Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties
Publication Date
April-June 2010


Sentinel lymph node biopsy has not gained popularity in the Philippines, perhaps the reason being the unavailability of resources. The use of methylene blue may change this situation.
OBJECTIVE: The authors intend to demonstrate that methylene blue may be used as an alternative dye in sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer with satisfactory results.
METHODS: Twenty patients diagnosed with breast cancer underwent sentinel lymph node biopsy after injection with methylene blue dye, followed by complete axillary dissection. Histologic evaluation of the nodes was done using H&E stain.
RESULTS: The identification rate was 95%, with no false negatives.
CONCLUSION: Sentinel lymph node biopsy using methylene blue can be done with satisfactory results.


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