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Job satisfaction among community drugstore pharmacists in the north and south district of Cebu City.


Anarose Marielle A. Camargo,
Kristine Marie S. Garcia,
Sheila Mae P. Martonia,
Chilsea T. Palma Gil,
Jese Jern S. Reginio,
Marisol M. Capul

Related Institution

College of Pharmacy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2015


     The present study aimed to determine the level of job satisfaction among community drugstore pharmacists in North and South District of Cebu City. The study was conducted in the Cebu City wherein fifty-four (54) community drugstore pharmacists in the North district and forty-seven (47) in the South district were asked to answer the Job Satisfaction Survey by Paul E. Spector. The said set of questions served as the research instrument of the study.

     The community drugstore pharmacists in the study could either be satisfied, ambivalent, or dissatisfied. The study found out that in the North district, sixty-seven percent (67%) of the respondents (N=36) was satisfied with their job compared to those in the South district (N=17). In the South district, sixty percent (60%) of the community drugstore pharmacists are ambivalent (N=28) in contrast to those in the North district (N=17). There were two dissatisfied community drugstore pharmacists in the South district while only one is dissatisfied in the North district. Among the moderators, only the monthly income has a negative association at 5% to job satisfaction in the South district. The study showed that there was a significant difference on the job satisfaction in the North and South district of Cebu City (p=0.01).

     Therefore, the North district has more satisfied community drugstore pharmacists than those community drugstore pharmacists in the South district. Indeed, there is a significant difference between the level of job satisfaction among community drugstore pharmacists in the North and South District of Cebu City. The researchers would like to encourage the owners/ managers that they may use this study as basis for modifying and improving the working conditions that the community pharmacists need in order to increase their effectiveness and efficiency and to be satisfied with their jobs, the community pharmacists, that they should organize themselves and make  epresentations to the management on the monetary salary that they ought to receive. They should also request for a dialogue with the management and their supervisors concerning their needs that should be provided. Moreover, emphasis should be applied to the technical competence of the community pharmacists and their continued update of their skills and knowledge to the most current medical breakthroughs and interventions.  Another is for the Department of Labor and Employment, that they may improve the working conditions of the community pharmacists for them to be satisfied with their job, for Food and Drug Administration, that they can strictly implement for every pharmacist to be available during the operating hours of the drugstore. Furthermore, they should deal the violators accordingly, and for future researchers, that this may be used as a reference material for further studies on job satisfaction and motivation to handle their subordinates.


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