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The effectiveness of self-stretching vs. manual physical therapy stretching in elongating a tight hamstring muscle.


Reymar F. Abellanosa,
Raymond M. Albances,
Ronan Clardi C. Alo,
Noel R. Alolod,
Novel V. Canonoy,
Charlotte N. Castro,
Wylie Alfred Chavez,
Allan Vincent M. Cheung,
Lyn T. de la Cruz,
Nadiene L. Englis

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences – Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
February 1998



General To determine the effectiveness of self-stretching vs. manual physical therapy stretching in elongating a tight hamstring muscle.

Specific (1.) To determine average active knee extension (AKE) values of the three groups of study subjects before and after the stretching exercises; (2.) To determine the significant difference between teh mean AKE gain values of the three groups.

STUDY DESIGN: Experimental.

SETTING: Cebu Doctors' College of Rehabilitative Sciences, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City.

PARTICIPANTS: Forty-five CDC physical therapy 3rd and 4th year students between 18-25 years of age and diagnosed to have tight hamstrings. Fifteen subjects serves as control group (CG), fifteen subjected to manual physical therapy stretching (EG1), and the last fifteen underwent self-stretching (EG2)

INTERVENTION: EG1 and EG2 group subjects were exposed to 20 minutes of hot moist pack (HMP) application on right leg and respectively underwent their specific procedures: EG1 had PT-assisted Hold-Relax technique, with an isometric value of 6 seconds and a sustained stretch for 30 seconds; EG2 had independent Hold-Relax technique followed by self sustained stretch for 30 seconds. Both protocols were repeated 10 times with 5 seconds interval rest period.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Active Knee Extension (AKE) measurement taken before first initiation of protocols and taken again on the sixth day after the last set of protocols were done.

RESULTS: The average AKE values before stretching were 25.53°, 24.8° and 22.4° and after stretching 23.93°, 13.8°, 13.87° for the control , manual PT stretching and self-stretching groups respectively. There were significant differences between t-test values in both Manual PT stretching (t= -4.458, critical region = ±2.064) and self-stretching (t= -4.815, critical region = ±2.055) when compared with the Control Group indicating that both forms of treatment are effective. There is however no significant difference in the t-test values between both superior groups (t= -1.262, critical region = ±2.086) indicating that the  level of effectiveness of Manual PT Stretching and Self-Stretching are similar.

CONCLUSIONS: As manual PT Stretching is just as effective as Self-Stretching in elongating tight hamstrings, both can be advocated good alternatives for normal people with hamstrings tightness. In such case, either protocol can be used depending on which suits practical needs.


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