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Factors affecting work location preference among Filipino speech language pathologists: A cross-sectional study.


Lou Marie D. Alvarez,
Darienne Zuriel C. Dela Cruz,
Marie Angelique Rose T. Fornolles,
Beatriz Arsenia P. Jabagat,
David Joshua A. Tayaba,
Maria Fe F. Abejar

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Speech-Language Pathology - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Speech-Language Pathology
Publication Date
October 2017


   The study aimed to make a cross-sectional analysis on the factors affecting work location preference among Filipino Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) members of the Philippine Association of Speech Language Pathologists (PASP). The target population were the Filipino SLPs of PASP comprised of certified regular, international and graduate members. The data was generated through the modified version of a survey form titled "Perspectives of International Health and Social Care Professions working in the UK" by Susan Nancarrow.

   The researchers received 118 responses. The results of the study show that 81.4% of the respondents are certified regular members of PASP, 58.5% are between the ages of 18-25, 84.75% are female, and 91.5% are bachelor's degree holders. Work location preference of the respondents showed that 87.3% chose to work locally. The factors for work location preference were also explored. 61.0% of the respondents selected family, 44.1% chose job satisfaction and 44.1% chose career opportunities. Salary received 32.2%, while other factors received 16.1%. Significant differences were found in the demographic characteristics of the respondents and the factors that affected their work location preference. For demographics, only highest educational attainment showed significant difference. For the factors, only family and job satisfaction showed any significant difference.

   The study concluded that family is the leading factor for those who preferred local. For abroad, the leading factor is career opportunities. A few recommendations were made based on the results of the study. One was to let working SLPs provide feedback to their employers about their work location so that concerns could be addressed. Other recommendations were to promote awareness of the profession by making SLP services available in more areas of the country, and to have more universities offer SLP bachelor's, master's and post-graduate degrees. In the interest of future studies, other recommendations were also made. These include performing the study on a larger population, performing an in-depth analysis on the job satisfaction factor, considering the other factors mentioned for work location preference. Also, SLP students should be included as respondents, and other ways to distribute the survey should be used to obtain more response.


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