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The influence of family functioning on the generalized expectancy for success among college students of Cebu Doctors' University.


Lara  C. Llenos,
Mary Gaudette S. Matahum,
Jose Carme P. Balicoco

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College of Arts and Sciences - Psychology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
February 2016


            This study aimed to investigate the influence of family functioning on the generalized expectancy for success among college students of Cebu Doctors‟ University Academic Year 2015-2016. The study was conducted at Cebu Doctors‟ University. The study was conducted to 595 college students of Cebu Doctors‟ University. The study made use of Descriptive Correlational Survey Research Design to investigate the influence of the variable and stratified random sampling method was used to gather the data required for the study. The study used two (2) standardized research tools, namely: Family Functioning Scale (FSS) and Generalized Expectancy for Success Scale - Revised (GESS-R). The Family Functioning Scale (FSS) this scale measures general dimensions of family functioning. The Generalized Expectancy for Success Scale- Revised (GESS-R) this tool is designed to measure dispositional optimism.

           Based on the findings, majority of three hundred eighty-nine respondents or 65.4% indicated a moderate level of family functioning which meant that the respondent‟s families sometimes or frequently respect, support, and pay attention to member‟s well being and need. The researchers also discovered that 63% or 375 or the respondents had a high degree of generalized expectancy for success, this meant that majority of the respondents believed that they will succeed, they can carry responsibilities, they can also handle and solve problem on their own and has a good close relationship. Furthermore, it was found out that there is a strong positive correlation between the level of family functioning and degree of generalized expectancy for success. Moreover, there is a direct relationship between the two variables (r= 0.39, p=0.00 < α=0.05).

         Based on the findings, family functioning has an influence on generalized expectancy for success. The researchers would recommend that parents should on emotional growth of their children through communication, time, support and attention to the children‟s well being and needs, guidance counselors may create or designing programs such as counseling, seminars and interventions on family functioning to help or guide students in reaching the student‟s aspirations. A similar study can be conducted to the different institutions with different respondents. High school students can also be chosen as respondents for this study especially high school graduating students. Other variables can be considered as the factors that may affect family functioning


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