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The influence of self-esteem and perfectionism on the level of career indecision among selected first year college students of Cebu Doctors' University.


Naomi Q. Larino,
Maria Elen C. Marcojos

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College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Psychology - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
February 2015


      The study aimed to determine the level of self-esteem and type of perfectionism and their influence on the level of career indecision among 285 first year Rehabilitative Sciences students of Cebu Doctors' University. The study utilized the descriptive correlational survey method. Three (3) instruments were used to measure the variables namely, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale by Dr. Morris Rosenberg, Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale by Randy O. Frost, Patricia Martin, Cathleen Lahart, and Robin Rosenblate, and Career Decision-Making Difficulties Questionnaire by Itamar Gati, Mina Krausz, and Samuel H. Osipow.

     The findings of the study showed that out of the 285 respondents, 79% had moderate levels of self-esteem, 98% were considered non-perfectionists, and 68% of the respondents had moderate levels of career indecision. Furthermore, the computed Chi-Square (X2 = 5.021) proved that a relationship exists between the respondents' level of self-esteem and type of perfectionism. Results also showed that self-esteem and "Organization" (FMPS Subscale) were negatively correlated to career indecision (self-esteem: b= -0.80, p<0.05; organization: b= -0.049, p<0.05), while "Doubt over Actions" (FMPS Subscale) was positively correlated to career indecision (b= 1.90, p<0.05). It was implied that self-esteem and "Organization" had a significant negative influence on the level of career indecision among the respondents while "Doubt over Actions" positively influenced it.

     Based on the findings, the following conclusions were made: Majority of the respondents had moderate levels of self-esteem and career indecision while non-perfectionists were found to predominate among the respondents. Furthermore, a relationship was established between the level of self-esteem and type of perfectionism among the respondents. Lastly, self-esteem and the FMPS subscale "Organization" had a negative influence on the level of career indecision among the respondents while the FMPS subscale "Doubt over Actions" had a positive influence over it. From these conclusions, the researcher recommended that the respondents should be encouraged to join organizations to increase their strengths and capabilities while their parents should be advised to nurture positive attitudes about the respondents' self and school performance while providing proper guidance and support regarding career choices the respondents make. It was also recommended that the school's guidance counselors could develop programs that would help raise self-esteem levels and self-awareness among the respondents. The researcher also proposed an intervention program targeting the respondents' self-esteem, motivation, and future career plans.


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