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A comparative study of the effects of laundry detergent and inorganic fertilizer on the root growth of onion (Allium cepa).


Caitlin Kaye A. Apura,
Stephanie Gayle D. Baron,
Aislinn Vanna S. Enanoria,
Yuku S. Mizuguchi,
Czarina R. Tabanao,
Corazon V. Canapi

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2018


The study compared the effects of laundry detergent and inorganic fertilizer on the root growth of Allium cepa. To demonstrate the inhibitory effects, an experimental study was conducted by the researchers utilizing laundry detergent and inorganic fertilizer on the root growth and root number of Allium cepa. Concentrations of 5% and 25% of both laundry detergent and inorganic fertilizer were used as the experimental groups while tap water was used as a negative control. The Allium cepa bulbs were allowed to grow for a total of twenty (20) days. The root growth and number were counted to assess the inhibitory effect of the simulated polluted water.

Samples of the ten (10) replicates for each experimental and control groups. The results showed that there is an inhibitory effect on the root growth of laundry detergent than the inorganic fertilizer. The mean root length (cm) of both 5% and 25% laundry detergent had a value of 0.52±0.15 and 0.34±0.20, respectively; As for the mean root number of both had the value of 3.00±0.82 and 3.00±2.06 respectively. While for both 5% and 25% inorganic fertilizer, the value of the mean root length (cm) had 0.76±0.53 and 1.24±2.25. For the mean root number of both concentrations of inorganic fertilizers, they had a value of 5.64±4.91 and 5.70±4.03, respectively. One-Way ANOVA showed a significant difference among the experimental groups and the control group at 0.05 level of significance, F(4.49) = 5.503, p

The study concluded that laundry detergent slows down the root growth of Allium cepa while 5% and 25% of inorganic fertilizer has minimal effect on the root growth of Allium cepa. The researchers recommend farmers, Biology teachers, environmentalist to be aware of the effect of laundry detergent & inorganic fertilizer towards plant growth. The researchers recommend for further studies of the determination of root growth of Allium cepa or any plant medium using the actual polluted water where community residents do their daily activities.


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