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The effect of compost tea on the plant growth of Lactuca sativa (lettuce) using hydroponic technique.


Gowri Priya Cheruppilly Suresh,
Vibina John,
Babi Kallungal Babu,
Anishma Nathaniel Komalam,
Reshma Nelson Minimol

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College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
April 2017


          This study aimed to compare the diameter, size of leaf blade and number of leaves of lettuce that were grown in compost tea, commercial liquid fertilizer, and water using hydroponic technique. This experiment had three groups of lettuces. Experimental group was subjected to compost tea, positive control to commercial liquid fertilizer and water as the negative control of the experiment. The diameter, size of the leaf blade, number of leaves was taken every 7, 14 and 21 days using instruments such as plastic string and measuring scale.

          The results were expressed as mean (sd) diameter of foliage (cm), size of leaf blade (cm²) and number of leaves among treatment groups. Lettuce plants belonging to experimental group (compost tea) had the highest mean average diameter of foliage (7.67 ±.56), size of leaf blade(15.56±1.30) and number of leaves (10.0±1.86) followed by positive control (commercial liquid fertilizer) which had a mean diameter of foliage (5.84±.47), size of leaf blade (12.71±1.68) and number of leaves (7.75±.75). There was no results for negative control (water) as plants grown in water died after 7 days due to lack of nutrients. The data showed that there was a significant mean difference in diameter of foliage, size of the leaf blade and number of leaves between compost tea and commercial liquid fertilizer, t (22) = 8.635,p < .05, t (22) = 4.650, p < .05 and u = 20.500, p < .05.Thus compost tea had dramatic growth difference compared to commercial liquid fertilizer.

          In conclusion compost tea had an effect on the plant growth of lettuce compared to commercial liquid fertilizer and the negative control group without any fertilizer. The researchers recommend to future researchers the use of different plant, parameters and hydroponic solution and also give plant for dry mass analysis, help to develop disease resistant plant and eco-friendly way of cultivation.


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