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Child rearing practices and parental stress as predictors for job performance among the teaching and non-teaching staff of Cebu Doctors' University.


Patrice Margrete  S. Felicio,
Georgia Angela  M. Lim,
Nicoli Ann  U. Prado,
Stella Marie  A. Sanchez,
Gabrielle Roxanne B. Cabunoc

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Department of Occupational Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Occupational Therapy
Publication Date
September 2017


     This study aims to determine the relationship between child rearing practices and parental stress and how it can predict job performance among the teaching and non-teaching staff of Cebu Doctors' University. This type of Descriptive Correlational Research was conducted to the (34) teaching staff and (75) non- teaching staff of Cebu Doctors' University. The study utilized three (3) instruments namely Modified Child Rearing Practices, Parental Stress Scale, and Modified Job Performance Scale.

     Based on the findings in terms of child rearing practices, two (2) styles were seen most predominant. 45% of the respondents are authoritative and 38.5% are neglectful, 9.2% are permissive and 7.5% are authoritarian. In terms on the level of parental stress, results showed that 65.1% of the respondents have low level of parental stress while 34.9% have high levels. For job performance, majority (86.2%) perceived themselves as having moderate job performance while only minority of the population scored high. In respect to the dimensions of the job performance, 96.3% of the population have a high level of task performance and 56% have a high level of contextual performance. To determine whether child rearing practices and parental stress are predictors of job performance, multiple regression was used, where results showed that only 20% of the variation of the items of the perceived job performance could be explained by the child rearing practices and parental stress. The Pearson Chi-square test was instead used to determine whether child rearing practices and job performance has a relationship and the results showed x2(1)=5.661, p=0.017 indicating a positive relationship between authoritative parenting style and perceived job performance. The same association test was used to interpret the relationship of the level of parental stress and perceived job performance where x2(1) =9.309, p=0.002 shows that there is also a positive association between the two.

     Based on the findings presented, the researchers have concluded that child rearing practices and parental stress has a significant weak positive influence of 20% of the variation in the perceived job performance. Researchers recommend parents to establish healthier habits of positive communication and routines, sustain habituation that help control their stress levels and coping strategies, and made mindful in helping colleagues in managing workload and focus their time in managing tasks on hand to enhance overall quality of life.


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