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Profile of computer workstation and gamers' comfort among selected clients of 1-browse and Carmelco, Cebu Doctors' University, Mandaue City during September-October 2009.


Marielle Antoniette  A. Cui,
Monica Marie L. Picardal,
Pierre Ruby Sasan

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Department of Occupational Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Occupational Therapy
Publication Date
March 2010


Objectives: This study aimed to determine the computer workstation profile and the profile of gamers' comfort in I-Browse and Carmelco, Cebu Doctors' University, Mandaue City, Philippines.

Design: The researchers used a descriptive survey design to determine the workstation profile and gamers' comfort profile within I-Browse and Carmelco, Cebu Doctors' University, Mandaue City, Philippines.

Locale: The researchers conducted the study in two Internet Cafés. One is Carmelco, which is located within the food court of Cebu Doctors' University and is a small Internet Café with approximately twenty five computer workstations open during school hours that has an estimated 400 customers per day. The other Internet Cafe, named I-Browse is located on P. Larrazabal St., a larger Internet Café consisting of fifty three computer workstations open from eight am-twelve am that has an estimated 300 customers per day.

Respondents: The survey questionnaires were distributed to one-hundred fifteen (115) research respondents, with fifty-seven chosen from I-Browse and fifty-six chosen from Carmelco. Purposive sampling was the method in selecting the sample population.

Procedure / Interventions: The researchers gave letters to the College Dean, and owners of the Internet Cafes. Consent forms were also given to the respondents. The researchers assessed the computer workstations from I-Browse on the first day and then at Carmelco on the second day. The researchers screened through interview then gave questionnaires to the selected gamers' of I-Browse and Carmelco, Cebu Doctors' University, Mandaue City, Philippines.

Research Instrument: Computer Workstation Evaluation Checklist was used in the study consists of six areas that include the desk/workstation, chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and work habits. These areas contain coinciding questions which are answered by checking yes, no, or not applicable. The Checklist was administered on the workstations from I-browse and Carmelco in order to profile the computer workstation areas used by the gamers in each Internet Café. Gamers Comfort Survey was also used and it is a self-administered survey questionnaire filled out by the gamers which was given to respondents chosen within I-Browse and Carmelco. The survey assessed the gamers' comfort based on the category of comfort and discomfort. Scores for the survey was determined through compilation of results filled out from the one-hundred fifteen respondents in the sixteen survey questions, wherein a percentage was determined and areas with higher percentage of predilection were reported.

Results: The profile of the computer workstations has a total score of 25 for I-Browse and 22 for Carmelco. Most respondents experience comfort (total score of 714) greater than discomfort (total score of 666) in different body parts. The neck area is where most respondents experienced discomfort (80,69.6%)

Conclusion: The data showed that the profiling of the computer workstation in I-Browse has 25 out of 44 correct components in their computer workstation and 22 out of 44 correct components for Carmelco. The data also showed that the respondents experience comfort greater than discomfort. The neck out of the other body parts scored the highest number of discomfort compared to the other body parts.


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