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The antibacterial effect of mangosteen pericarp extract on dental plaque of the lingual surfaces of the 1st and 2nd mandibular molars.


Monique Grace Bacalla,
Alisa Natasha  Barbaso ,
Joachim  Bello ,
Kwang Seok  Chae ,
Maria Ella Mae  Falcasantos,
Eurika Maria Lagaac,
Rachelle Ong,
Kiara  Solon ,
Renee Marie  Tse ,
Adrian David  Utterback ,
Ina Grace  Verzosa ,
Sandra G. Lavastilla

Related Institution

College of Dentistry - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2017


The study aimed to determine the antibacterial effect of the Mangosteen pericarp extract on the bacterial count on lingual surface mandibular first and second molars of selected Dentistry students of Cebu Doctors' University utilizing a single blind randomized controlled trial experimental design. The study utilized 8 participants selected according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. The study measured of the Zone of Inhibition which serves as a guide to differentiate bacterial counts using Chlorhexidine and Mangosteen pericarp extract.

Our study shows that Mangosteen Pericarp Extract can inhibit the growth of bacteria on the lingual surfaces of the mandibular first and second molar among eight dentistry students of Cebu Doctors' University when it is exposed within 18 and 24 hours. Comparing Zone of Inhibition after using Chlorhexidine and Mangosteen pericarp extract after 18 hours there was mean difference of 0.25 mm in size and 1.13 mm of difference after 24 hours. Based on the independent t-test the results showed no significant difference in the mean of zone of inhibition after 18 hours between Chlorhexidine and Mangosteen pericarp extract with a p-value of 0.680 however after 24 hours, there was a significant difference in the mean zone of inhibition at 0.05 level of significance of a p-value.

Based on the findings, we have concluded that Mangosteen Pericarp Extract is effective as an alternative antibacterial agent. The student could use the knowledge obtained from this study on Mangosteen pericarp extract in inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The results of this study can be used as an experimentation on Mangosteen pericarp extract as a component of mouth rinse. The patient could easily obtain this product since it is widely available in the country. The pharmaceutical companies could develop new effective products of mouth rinse that contain Mangosteen pericarp extract. Future researchers especially dental students may use the results as a basis in conducting further studies about Mangosteen pericarp extract and its effect on bacterial count. They are encouraged to prolong the treatment time compared to the 18 hour and 24 hour experimental study.


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