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Personal attitude and socio-cultural adaptation of selected first year foreign students of Cebu Doctors' University A. Y. 2014-2015: Proposed guidelines to promote societal integration.


Caroleen Anne R. Agno,
Paul Jim R. Agno,
Frances Jonahly Q. Allic,
Hannah Jane D. Arcenal,
Nathan Jude B. Batucan,
Ernestine Denise M. Borja,
Kimberly G. Bularin,
Ladyberg T. Canuday,
Mary Rose A. Paquibot,
Godfrey G. Pisiao,
Susan S. Mantos

Related Institution

College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
September 2014


       This study aimed to identify personal attitude and socio-cultural adaptation of selected first year foreign students Academic Year 2014-2015 of Cebu Doctors' University. In addition, it ascertained the relationship between these two variables. This study formulated proposed guidelines to promote societal integration. A descriptive correlational method of research with the use of Purposive Sampling was utilized to arrive at the specific details of level of personal attitude and socio-cultural adaptation among 127 first year foreign students Academic Year 2014-2015 of Cebu Doctors' University.
      Based on the findings of the study, majority of the respondents were adolescents (ages 18-20), male, first born child, enrolled in biology, Indian students, and first time visit in the Philippines prior to college level with no relatives in the Philippines. The foreign students' level of personal attitude and socio-cultural adaptation were considerably high with a mean score of 1.6 and 3.8 respectively. The respondents' socio-cultural adaptation demonstrated a moderate level in daily life with a mean score of 3.6, high levels in university life and contact with people with mean scores of 3.9 and 3.8. The results implied that there was a significant relationship between the two variables. Thus, the null hypothesis was rejected. Further, the results of the study showed that personal attitude and socio-cultural adaptation has a significant relationship among the moderator variables when grouped according to age, gender, nationality, course taken, ordinal position in the family, frequency of visits in the Philippines prior to college level and relatives present in the Philippines.
      The results of the study showed a high level of positive attitude and socio-cultural adaptation amongst first year foreign students enrolled in Cebu Doctors' University. The study also revealed a significant relationship between personal attitude and socio-cultural adaptation. It was concluded that there are some aspects in daily life that can be enhanced to improve and promote a foreign student's integration with the society. These results suggest that the foreign students need to be oriented to the university as well as the social norms, etiquette and traditions among Filipinos.


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