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A study on the effectivity of the ultrasound in the physial therapy rehabilitation centers of the Cebu Doctors' Hospital, Metro Cebu Community Hospital, and Cebu Doctors' College Rehabilitation Center, Cebu City.


gene lawrence Carlos,
Deborah Dano,
Conie Patual,
Ronald Singco,
Shirley Christina Salting,
Cherilyn Siy,
Leilani Tamala,
Lianne Jones Tuazon,
Jennifer Villamor,
May Rose Woo

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College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Cebu Doctors' University

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Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
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     The use of ultrasound is said to relieve pain and muscle spasm, improve circulation, loosen adhesions, reduce swelling, resolve hematomas heal wounds, etc., usually as a result of its reversed peizoelectric effect.

     Researchers in the past years have studied ultrasound in the treatment of many cases such as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) while some investigated the use of this modality with the use of medicine in a method called sonophoresis.

     Our study focuses on the effectivity of the ultrasound using pain and range of motion as instruments. With these two, we can then see whether US can relieve pain on an affected part and its effects on the joints having LOM.


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