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The efficacy of hot moist packs as an adjunct to kinesiotaping in decreasing the degree of disability associated with trapezius myalgia in selected regular fourth year physical therapy students of Cebu Doctors' University AY 2013 - 2014.


Clarke Gavin M. Avellanosa,
Zaldy Xerces M. Dizon,
Daphne Anne U. Gopo,
Jobelle  V. Maghanoy,
Rose Anne V. Silvosa,
Maia Lucille C. Pacubas

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences – Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2014


Objective: This study aimed to determine the efficacy of Hot Moist Packs as an adjunct to Kinesiotaping in decreasing the degree of disability associated with Trapezius Myalgia on selected Fourth Year Physical Therapy students of Cebu Doctors' University.

Research Design: Experimental two group pre-test post-test design.

Research Locale: Cebu Doctors' University Rehabilitative Sciences - Out Patient Department.

Research Participants: Sixteen Regular Fourth Year Physical Therapy students of Cebu Doctors' University were chosen according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria and randomized into experimental group and control group both with eight participants each.

Research Instrument: The Neck Pain Disability Index Questionnaire (NPDIQ), researcher's survey form, Kinesio Tex ® tape, and Hot Moist Packs (HMPs) were used in the study.

Research Procedures: Subjects who scored >5 in the NPDIQ were the final respondents of the study. The sixteen respondents were randomized into two groups: the experimental group received kinesiotaping with HMPs and control group received kinesiotaping alone. A follow-up NPDIQ was done after 24 hours.

Results: The experimental and control groups yielded a significant effect in decreasing trapezius mylagia with the experimental group's p-value of 0.018 with α at 0.05 (pre-test NPDI % mean of 19.53± 8.22 and post-test NPDI % mean of 9.42 ± 7.00) and the control group with p-value of 0.012 with α at 0.05 (pre-test NPDI % mean of 16.94 ± 7.51 and the post-test NPDI % mean score was 8.61 ± 6.33). There was no significant difference in the effect in decreasing trapezius myalgia with a p-value of 1.000.

Conclusion: Hot Moist Packs is not an effective adjunct to Kinesiotaping in decreasing the degree of disability associated with Trapezius Myalgia.


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