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Differences on the level of attention span among the high school students with and without musculoskeletal discomfort of Cabancalan National High School: Basis for physical therapy intervention program.


Joy Dianne B. Apilan,
Mark Nigel S. Bael,
Greatel S. Capuras,
Patricia Louise A. Dy,
Christine Carmille L. Espiritu,
Jorela Joelle D. Lu

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences – Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2017


   The study was conducted to determine the differences in the level of attention span between students with musculoskeletal discomfort and those students without the discomfort in Cabancalan National High School as a basis for Physical Therapy Intervention. The study utilized a descriptive comparative survey method. For this purpose, the entire student population (n=1,628) were selected. The Student-Specific Cornell Musculoskeletal Discomfort Questionnaire (SS-CMDQ) by Dr. Alan Hedge was used to assess the incidence of Musculoskeletal Discomfort and Attention Checklist (ACL) by Jagannath P. Das, BA, MA, PhD was used to assess the level of attention span a evaluated by the advisers.

   Out of 1, 628 respondents, there were only 2.3% (38) of the student population who have reported to have musculoskeletal discomfort. According to the level of attention span, out of 1, 628 students, there were 1,461 (89.7%) students having low attention span, 166 (10.2%) had moderate attention span and 1(0.1%) had a high attention span. Students with MSD also have shown a higher mean score of 28.21 as opposed to those in the Without MSD group with a mean score of 27.17 based on the scoring system of Attention Checklist. Using the t-test, there was a mean difference of 1.14 in the attention span between the two (2) groups but the difference was not statistically significant with p-value 0.096 which is greater than 5% of the level of significance.

   Results showed there was little incidence of MSD among high school students in Cabancalan National High School. Approximately 90% of high school students in Cabancalan National High School had low attention span. There was no significant difference on the level of attention span between students with musculoskeletal discomfort and those without musculoskeletal discomfort. The researchers intend to offer a Physical Therapy recommendation program utilizing Yoga as a technique to improve attention span among students. This could be performed by students with and without MSD to further better focus and concentration of high school students. Future researchers could also use this study as baseline information to conduct another study assessing the other possible causes of low attention span of students during class, including the other possible causes of musculoskeletal discomfort among students inside the class room setting. A study can also be conducted by determining the effectiveness of yoga in improving attention span in students.


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