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Detection of parasitic worms in pigs' feces from piggeries in Barangay Cabadiangan, Compostela from January to February 2016.


Earl Danson Datan,
Sheri Baylosis,
Sherrie Chua,
Jessa Marty Gabatan,
Mark Zoren Tagab,
Vitaliano V. Fernandez

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2016


        The study "The Detection of Parasitic Worms in Pigs' Feces from Piggeries in Barangay Cabadiangan, Compostela from January to February 2016," was designed to detect worm eggs in the collected feces using fecal flotation method through the use of fecalyzer and use it as the basis for the conduct of awareness seminar on the proper care and sanitation of swine raisers. The fecal sample was analyzed in the laboratory using fecal flotation method by fecalyzer using three different solutions namely: magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride and zinc sulfates each having different specific gravities which allowed the parasite ova to float in the solution.

             The study revealed that all of the 80 slides fecal samples collected from four different categories of pig in the piggeries manifested the presence of 13 parasite ova in different proportions of the type of solution used in the fecal flotation method.

            The study concluded that the proportion of the parasites for the 80 specimen is 0.05% of the total population which is at manageable level. It was also concluded that the parasites detected belong to Ascaris suum species based on the verification made by the veterinarian. This parasite is the most common type among all swines, also, the minimal frequency of these parasites are due to the fact that farm owners has rigorously followed the deworming program from birth up to the fattening stage. It is best to conduct the study on pigs outside the piggeries that are individually raised at nearby houses or pigs from the swamp area for a far more positive result. The use of sodium chloride and magnesium sulfate or otherwise called the epsom salt is also recommended for best results in the use of fecal flotation method using the fecalyzer because it has a higher specific gravity than the ova, thus, it allows the ova to submerged in water.


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