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Weight loss effect of Annona muricata (guyabano) leaves decoction on overweight Mus musculus (white mice).


Cheny J. Amorin,
Kim Gerda D. Cordero,
Nina Sarah L. Cubar,
Angela Grace Marie P. Latorena,
Nechi E. Quijano,
Vanessa Lyka A. Salon,
Budget L. Sulit

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Physical Science Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Nutrition and Dietetics
Publication Date
October 2016


        The study determined the weight loss effect of Annona muricata (Guyabano) leaves decoction on overweight Mus musculus (White mice). The study was aimed to determine the pre and post treatment body weight (grams) of the white mice with the Annona muricata (Guyabano) leaves decoction. This study was also aimed to determine the significant difference of the mean body weights between the group of mice given with the leaves decoction and the water group after a month of experimentation. The study utilized the randomized controlled trial. The study was conducted in the Research Laboratory at the Cebu Doctors' University. The study used weighing scales to measure the weights in grams of the mice and made use of a master data sheet that where data of the weights recorded. The white mice were acquired at the Caminade Veterinary Clinic and each were placed in a 6x8x6 inches steel cage deck acclimatized for about fifteen (15) days for them to be accustomed and be familiarized with the environment. The mice were randomly picked and were designated on both control and experimental group respectively. The control group were given pellets and water while the experimental group were treated with guyabano leaves decoction along with the pellets and water. The decoction was plainly made of ten (10) guyabano leaves boiled in 750 ml of water for about fifteen (15) minutes. On the experiment proper, the researchers feed the mice twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. For a month, at the end of every week, the researchers weigh the mice and tabulate it on their master sheet data.

         The mean weights of the groups of white mice prior to the experiment were 25.03g for the control group and 25.74g for the experimental group with an SD of 2.88g and 2.64g respectively. After a month, both groups were weigh again and the results were 26.98g for the control group with an SD of 1.95g and 21.84g of the mean weight for the experimental group with an SD of 3.2 4. Independent t-test showed that post-treatment mean weights were significantly not the same in the control and experimental groups by 5.14g, t (g) = 3.261 and p- value of 0.010.  

         The Guyabano leaves decoction was able to reduce significantly the weights of the mice. The result of the study of the Guyabano leaves decoction showed benefits that be disseminated as it leads to a better lifestyle and improving the quality of life. The researchers recommended to promote Guyabano tea as a functional food and be included in their diets in order to gain more benefits of the Guyabano leaves.


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