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Effect of led wattages on the radiographic film optical density.


Niña Phiy  L. Dejacto,
Deo Dominique  C. Duja,
Annette Rose  S. Libit,
Erika Jean  P. Perez,
Rose Martine  C. Solibio,
John Chris  O. Tan,
Marion Laurenz  A. Ybrado,
Donabella Faye  F. Yuson,
Larry A. Enriquez

Related Institution

College of Allied Medical Sciences - Department of Radiologic Technology - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Radiologic Technology
Publication Date
December 2017


The study aimed to determine whether there was an effect in using different LED wattages (3 Watts and 7 Watts) on the radiographic film optical density using manual processing. The researchers sought to determine the mean radiographic optical density of films when using LED as safelight bulbs and whether there is a significant difference on the radiographic optical density between 3 Watts LED and 7 Watts LED (experimental groups) and the 7 Watts incandescent (control group). The researchers used a completely randomized experimental design wherein a total of seven hundred fifty nine (759) 8x10 films were randomly subjected to each safelight group measured using a densitometer to obtain the optical density in the radiograph. The hypothesis was tested at 0.05 level of significance. Pairwise Comparison Test was done to determine the significant median density level between the control and experimental groups. Each of the variables were grouped to evaluate which of the variable shows a median that is significantly different to the controlled variable 7 watts incandescent.

The 3 watts LED had an average density of 0.09 which possesses a density closest to the standard base plus fog value of 0.05. On the other hand, 7 watts incandescent showed the farthest from the standard value with an average of 0.91 density. Kruskal Wallis Test showed that there was a significant median density difference among the wattages at 0.05 level of significance H(2) = 6.38 and p < 0.05. The results imply that 3 watts LED produced the least density value and 7 watts incandescent produced the highest density value.

Hence, the result showed that 3 watts LED can be used as an alternative safelight bulb as it gained the least density amongst all groups.


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