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Problems encountered and support system among teenage mother in San Isidro, Tagbilaran City, Bohol.


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College of Nursing - University of Bohol

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Journal Article, Original
University of Bohol Multidisciplinary Research Journal
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September 2017


Pregnancy brings both physical and psychological changes in a woman. Teenage mothers are unprepared for pregnancy because of their young age and lack of experiences. They encounter problems during their period, so they are highly dependent on their family, community, government and non-government support. Their study utilized quantitative survey method of research. Random sampling i the selection of participants was used where there were seventeen (17) teenage mothers with the age range of 13-19 years who participated in the study. Data gathering was conducted in their respective homes with the use of a self-made questionnaire. the results showed that the level of problems encountered by the teenage mothers regarding physical, psychological and socio-economic was low as well as they have received supports from their families, community and the government and non-government sectors. However, there wasn't ample support from the sectors mentioned in this study that was experienced by the teenage mothers.


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