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The effect of chitosan extract (from crustaceans) on the shelf life of banana (Musa acuminata x Musa balbisiana) and mango (Mangifera indica).


Anne Marie P. Capelle,
Seyed Ali Hosseini,
Jocelyn V. Lasala,
Rachel Mae Colita,
Kevin  P. Cabras,
Vitaliano V. Fernandez

Related Institution

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2015


        Ripening can be slowed down naturally. The researchers used the mango fruit and the banana fruit to be used in slowing down the ripening process. Mangoes and bananas are usually sold in markets. While the mangoes and bananas are unripe they are green colored and very firm, and if ripe they are yellow and less firm. Researchers
found out that a chitosan coating can slow down fruit respiration, chitosan is derived from the exoskeleton of crustaceans. The experiment was concluded to test the effect of chitosan derived from shrimps in slowing down the ripening of mango (Mangifera indica) and bananas (Musa Acuminata X Musa Balbisiana). Experimental group
had a chitosan coating while the control group had under gone a natural ripening process. This study aimed to determine the mean days in ripening of mangoes and bananas across experimental group and control group.

        Based on the data gathered, it showed that the mangoes in the experimental group ripened in (5) days, and the bananas in the experimental group ripened in (6) days. This is due to the chitosan coating slowing down the fruits respiration rate. While on the other hand, it took (3) to (4) days for the mangoes and (5) days for bananas to ripen in the natural ripening process. This is because there were no other substances applied to slow down the ripening process.

     The researchers concluded in this experiment that the use of chitosan caused a slower ripening process. In interest of future studies we would recommend using a different source of chitosan or different fruits to experiment on for prolonging the shelf life of the fruits.


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