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Spirituality and Self-Actualization .


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College of Nursing - University of Bohol

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Journal Article, Original
Academe University of Bohol Graduate School and Professional Studies Journal
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September 2013


Spirituality is considered as an important factor in the development of self-actualization among oldet adults as stated in the theory on Attaining Self-Actualization among Older Adults. This study validated this assumption f the theory. This descriptive-correlated study utilized a multi-stage sample of 180 senior citizens in Tagbilaran City,Bohol. A 3-part instrument package was utilized to (1) describe the respondents' demographic profile and obtain measures for their (2) spirituality using the 12-item Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Spiritual Well Being Scale (FACIT-sp) and (3) self-actualization using a 16-item questionnaire developed by Boyum (2004). A Somer's d analysis indicated that spirituality of the older adult is significantly correlated with self-actualization (p=.019). this study revealed that older adults with a strong sense of spirituality tend to be more self-actualized.


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