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Risky and Sexual Behaviors Among Young People of the University of Bohol.


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University Research Center - University of Bohol

Office of Planning and Development - University of Bohol

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This paper looked into sensitive issue on risky and sexual behaviors faced by young people today that have future ramifications. The purpose of this study is to provide knowledge of the sexual and non-sexual risk taking tendencies among young people of the University of Bohol, School Year 2012-2013. A Descriptive survey method was formulated to obtain quantitative measures of the background and behavior of young people in the study area with the aid of a questionnaire that made use of a modified version of the young Adult Fertility and Sexually Study survey, the checklist and open-ended questionnaire were also utilized. Results were tabulated and analyzed utilizing frequencies, percentages and cross-tabulations. Among the sexual and non-sexual risk-taking behaviors, engagement to drinking got the highest number, followed by smoking, engagement into pre-marital sex without the use of contraception and a very few number claimed to misusing drugs. This institutional research is one of the answers to the university's unceasing quest in providing students with an education not just develops a strong foundation of knowledge, but also equips them with the skills needed in honing pro-active citizens, who are participative in addressing and defining concerns of the times. 

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