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Lifestyle Status and the Risk of Development of Diabetes Mellitus Type II.


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College of Nursing - University of Bohol

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Journal Article, Original
Academe University of Bohol Graduate School and Professional Studies Journal
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January 2012


Lifestyle Status refers to the behaviors or habits or way of living of the UB employees in relation to their dietary practices, physical activities and personal habits. This study aims to determine the degree of relationship of lifestyle on the development of diabetes. The researchers made use of descriptive, correlative design using a standardized tool for casual blood sugar testing the glucometer and researcher-made questionnaire based health promotion model. Analysis and interpretation of data were based on percentages, mean scores and Pearson- Product Moment Coefficient and analysis of variance as the statistical treatment to determine the degree of difference on the health status of the respondents in terms of age. In terms of dietary practices, physical activity are described as moderately unhealthy which is attributed to high sweet of sugar and oil/fats which are moderately unhealthy and lack of aerobic exercises, recreation activities and engagement to sedentary activities. The extent of risk of employees is at the moderate risk for the development Diabetes Mellitus Type II. There is a significant relationship between lifestyle status and extent of risk on the development of Diabetes Mellitus Type II. There is a great influence of the lifestyle among the employees and the risk of acquiring diabetes. 


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